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Armi & Bagagli
"International market
of historical Reenactment"

Winner 2006 Edition
"Premio Italia Medievale"
"Re-enactment Companies"

Our company
Our aim is evoking everyday life,
both in warfare and peacetime,
of a little mercenary troop,
virtually active in Italy during
the second half of XVth century.

Those years, ideal stage of action,
witnessed a really troubled political
and economic system, finally
leading to the complete success
of municipality over the ancient
castrum; indeed that was made
possible also thanks to many
braves’ thirst for glory, chosing
to devote their life to professional
fighting. In our own small way,
we are trying our best in order to
bring back to life part of their world.

What we can offer
picture, where culture and
fascinating entertainment
co-operate in natural synergy.

History students, mere interested
people or anyone searching
for a different and original
event, can all together
experience exciting moments,
peeping shoulder to shoulder
through an opened window
on the very age which indelibly
affected today’s society.

Our activities
The study of sociocultural, civil
and military issues of Humanism,
allows us to succesfully manage
a good deal of activities, which can
be variably modulated, according
to the peculiar background they are
meant to fit:

  • fencing displays (duel or mass
    fightings, both not simulated);

  • setting up of a busy
    military camp, where
    people can observe us
    carrying out many tasks,
    such as men-at-arms’
    training and getting fit
    for battle, preparing for
    meals, handicraft and spare
    time activities;

  • welcoming, guiding and
    entartaining of people inside
    museums, strongholds and
    castles (garrison life,
    setting up of salles d’armes,
    taking part to suppers and banquets);

  • co-operation
    to thematic workshops,
    conventions and debates;

  • educational meetings
    in schools and cultural clubs.

  • All that visitors can observe is the
    fruit of careful researches and
    constant reference to records; thus
    our clothing, military equipment
    and furnishings have been made
    up as faithfully as possible,
    according to archaeological
    findings (kept in museums or being
    part of private collections).
    Likewise, our activities repropose
    formerly common gestures, taken
    from works and iconography which
    are contemporary with the period
    we have chosen to re-enact.

    "Dagger & Sword Company" boasts important co-operations with cultural bodies, museums, specialized magazines
    (i.e. Focus, Mondadori Editions)
    and TV networks.

    Would you like to receive our updating newsletters?
    Just e-mail us to lukefor@alice.it specifying "Newsletter" in the object field.